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What Is CRM and why do I need it?

Posted: 2015-11-04

Are you losing too many customers?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management and is the business tool of choice to manage not only your customers, but every other area of your business but what does that really mean?. CRM takes the very best and most successful business practices and...


The Company Chaos You Don\'t Know You\'re Creating

Posted: 2015-10-27

For many of you, I won't need to define organisational chaos. You know exactly what I am talking about: shifting priorities, unclear direction, unstable processes, unhappy customers, disengaged employees, falling sales and rising costs. However, I find that most organizations have become so accustomed to chaos that they don't even recognise it. Or if they recognise it, they don't believe there's anything they can do about it. It's...


Are you throwing valuable data away?

Posted: 2015-10-02

A business website is a great place to collect customer information. When someone fills out web forms, signs up for your newsletter, shows interest in your products or services, they are giving you an opportunity.  By missing this opportunity to bring that information into your business’s CRM, you are effectively discarding the opportunity for additional revenue and new business.

With BlueCloud this...


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