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Blue Cloud CRM SMS Text Messaging Platform

Posted: 2015-02-23

BlueCloud CRM SMS Text Messaging Platform


Using the BlueCloud CRM SMS messaging platform will give you instant access to your customers or prospects. Whether you making a special offer, reminding or confirming an appointment, payment collections/reminders and much more SMS is still the way forward for immediate customer interaction.


BlueCloud CRM SMS allows you to take advantage of smart...


When it comes to a CRM - Bespoke or off the shelf - that is the question

Posted: 2015-02-17

It’s not a question of a whether I should have a CRM or not. Its more a question of which one.

If you’re keen on improving the efficiency of your organisation the type of CRM you deploy will be critical to the growth of your business. BlueCloud CRM is capable of providing the right CRM solution at the right time in the most cost effective way.

BlueCloud CRM has designed many...


CRM Tools every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Clients

Posted: 2015-02-13

Managing a business can be challenging, with entrepreneurs often required to operate with limited staff in the early days. Technology can help, but there are so many tech tools available that business owners can get confused.

Here are 6 CRM tools that can serve as your small-business toolkit in managing clients.


Business Data Base – Customer Record

This allows you to...


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