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Are you throwing valuable data away?

Posted: Friday 2nd of October 2015

A business website is a great place to collect customer information. When someone fills out web forms, signs up for your newsletter, shows interest in your products or services, they are giving you an opportunity.  By missing this opportunity to bring that information into your business’s CRM, you are effectively discarding the opportunity for additional revenue and new business.

With BlueCloud this problem is resolved by passing this valuable data into our CRM which can be quickly validated and approved in order for the lead to have an individual automatically assigned to start the follow-up process.
The BlueCloud CRM allows you to sync customer information and preferences between your website and customer management system by using website contact form integration. This allows you to embed forms within your own website that will let your customers enter their details directly into your CRM. Using really simple forms allows you to apply whatever style suits your website or your businesses identity.
Linking your CRM to your website ensures that you have real time data. Your website becomes an integral component of the CRM system and not a disparate system.
BlueCloud CRM can help you sync your CRM to your websites so you can make the most of the leads you didn't even know you had!



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