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What Is CRM and why do I need it?

Posted: Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Are you losing too many customers?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management and is the business tool of choice to manage not only your customers, but every other area of your business but what does that really mean?. CRM takes the very best and most successful business practices and creates a digital footprint that intuitively guides all of your employees through the correct steps, at the correct time in order to delight your customers each and every time your company interacts with them. For those small businesses that do not pro-actively manage their customer expectations, you will find growth difficult to achieve.


Fact: If you do not do this as well as your competitors, then a lost customer could be the result.
Remember this when considering whether or not you really need to adopt a customer management system.


“In today’s market, your customer will not hesitate to walk away from your brand and jump to the competitor if you do not meet their expectations”

Why do you need a CRM for your Business?


  • Can I record and make date and time stamped notes regarding all customer interactions?
  • Can I monitor my sales, staff, and KPI’s?
  • Can I tell what is in my sales pipeline at the touch of a button?
  • Can I access my customer records from a remote PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet?
  • Can all my employees access customer data at the same time and can I track this?
  • Can I create targeted marketing campaigns?


There are many more questions you should be asking, however if you are answering NO to any of the above you should be looking for a CRM now.


The most basic BlueCloud CRM (which is gratis to use) will allow you to retrieve and manipulate data to enhance the customer experience. You also have the ability to leverage marketing applications such as e-mail and SMS embedded within your CRM giving the ability to create, plan and deploy quality targeted campaigns that will return increased sales time and again.


BlueCloud CRM Ltd is plugging this sizable gap in the market with customisable management software which is intuitive, affordable and addresses the issues SME’s currently face. With our corporate grade software, the SME market will now have access to the Business Intelligence modules, Visibility tools and API integrations previously unobtainable due to their cost or complexity.


If and when your business needs to grow, there is an upgrade path that is easy and excellent value for money. All customisable functionality is available if required, but you’re only charged when you actually need it.


So what are you waiting for this really is the real deal – Affordable CRM for the SME






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